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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Individual Sausage Cooker

The problem: sausages are hard to cook perfectly and by the time you've bought some and arrived home with them, you've got quite a wait before you can eat them. Given that undercooked sausage can cause diseases and that buying ready-cooked sausages is no substitute for the real thing, the world needs some means of getting people home with perfect cooked sausages in seconds.

The Solution: the cooking time of a sausage is about the same as the time it takes to get them home from the shops. So, what we need is a mobile individual sausage cooker. You would charge this up at home and take it with you to the shop. Each cooker will be able to cook a single sausage, so if you're planning on eating 3 sausages, you will take three of them out with you. You operate the sausage cooker by unscrewing its lid and placing the sausage inside. It will be approximately cylindrical and approximately the size of a sausage. When the lid is screwed shut, this will automatically start the cooking process and the lid will be locked until the sausage is cooked. If the sausage is cooked before the lid is removed then the sausage cooker will go into warming mode, keeping the sausage warm indefinitely.

Prognosis: this product could easily have benefits to people who haven't the time to cook sausages properly - students, who are impatient, and old people, whose remaining hours are so precious that they cannot afford to waste them on sausage preparation - ironically, these people are also most susceptible to the ill effects of a badly cooked banger. The simple operation of the sausage cooker and the one cooker to one sausage ratio will make it easy to sell to almost anyone, even those people who only want one sausage and don't want to waste the energy of running a device which could cook two. For people on the move, there could even be a car cigarette lighter attachment for those people who want to drive and eat a sausage. For those people who like barbecuing, the outside of the sausage cooker could be made fire resistant, so that it can be placed on the barbecue to create the pretence that the sausage is actually being barbecued, without interrupting the precise operation of the sausage cooker.

Marketing statement
This product is set to put the banger back on our tables where it belongs. It'll be a 'mash hit!


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