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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The Problem: sometimes it's hard to get to sleep. Sometimes you want to listen to music to soothe you to sleep, but if you put your head on the pillow, you may be unable to hear the stereo as the pillow will block your ear. To turn the stereo up to make it easier to hear will make it too loud for other people in the vicinity to sleep.

The Solution: the iPillow. A personal music device which you can plug into the internet in order to download lullabies. Each iPillow can contain up to 10,000 lullabies and attaches via USB to the internet if you have the correct equipment.

Prognosis: everyone sleeps and everyone likes music. This should be easy to sell to people. Some people use two pillows, so it may be possible to sell the same person more than one unit. One disadvantage of this unit, though will be that the sound will be a bit muffled.

Marketing Statement
This is a dream of a personal music solution.


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