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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rock Concert Safety

The problem: it can get quite crushed at the front of the crowd of a rock concert. Additionally, if someone falls off the stage, they might hurt themselves in the gap between the stage and the audience. The gap cannot be breached for safety reasons, but the people at the front can be crushed against the barrier maintaining the gap.

The solution: potatoes. Rock concerts usually come with catering vans selling various potato products, so the supply of potatoes can be increased slightly and a percentage of them can be fed into a machine which will skin, boil and crush these potatoes, outputting the results as a soft slurry which can be poured into the gap between stage and audience. The audience members pressing against this will have some resistance, but will also have no desire to wade through it, so the gap will be maintained, but safely. A performer falling off the stage, or failing to cross the gap during a stage dive will land softly in this potato and will be unharmed. This potatoey solution, called the "mash pit" will be environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable and could easily be fed to the more hungry concert goers once the concert is over.

Prognosis: people like music and people like potatoes. Though the number of concerts is relatively low, they happen at peak potato production times and they always have a large budget for health and safety. The machine could easily be adapted from a concrete mixing machine, though it would have to be washed if people are going to eat the potato. There's the possibility of allowing add-ons like a gravy or mustard machine to make the mash pit more exotic.

Marketing Statement
Safe, affordable, and natural. The mash pit is your root to success.


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