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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Personal Policing

The Problem: people's personal safety can be compromised while alone at night, or in a crowd situation among undesirables. Alternatively, some people may find themselves tempted to engage in illegal activities if they think that nobody in authority is watching. If questioned, the average person would hope that they were safe and unlikely to act in a way which would get them into trouble.

The Solution: the personal policeman, an electronic device which has the power to protect you when in danger and to arrest you if you do something illegal. At the slightest provocation, this device will don a high-visibility jacket and start making calm and reasonable demands for the attack to stop, the drug deal not to go ahead, or for you to relax your speed because "it's not a race" and "is this your car sir?". This personal policeman (or woman) called the iPlod, will provide the long arm of the law wherever you are.

Prognosis: everyone needs some policing sometimes, and a personal policeman can be tailored and customised to your individual requirements. For the single female, walking alone through the woods, this might provide company. For the parents sending their child off to university, this may provide peace of mind. With an optional Blue-light-tooth connection to the broadband, this device could even be customisable with downloadable sirens and hilarious celebrity voices.

Marketing Statement
The iPlod is your one-stop-cop. This time, it's personal.


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